Hypnotic American Optical Sunglasses Ad, 1960

American Optical Sunglasses 1960 promotional literature

American Optical Sunglasses 1960 promotional literature

It has a hypnotic effect on me anyway. I look at the woman’s outfit: the sandals, plaid shorts, pleated dress shirt with cuff links(!), and wonder why does it work? Is it because the surgical blue background is soothing and makes the clash of elements less jarring but still visually stimulating? Is it because the straw day bag and SLR camera make you want to drop what you’re doing and go exploring with her? Is it because she has amazing legs? Is it because the world she’s an ambassador from is as irretrievably vanished as last night’s dream?

I don’t know. It’s not the sunglasses.

This was among the printed materials I collected for my book… which is now available – autographed if you want – by clicking the menu item at the top of the screen which reads, “Buy The Eyewear Book”.

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2 Responses

  1. Charles Zuber says:

    “Yes, the early sixties were definitely the “things to come” era!

    • Moss Lipow says:

      Maybe it was the unalloyed optimism the ad seems to project. Lots today seem to have a taint of irony or an element of the perverse. Then again maybe it was the legs.

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