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Eyewear Book by Moss Lipow published by Taschen

Eyewear by Moss Lipow published by Taschen

“Were eyewear designer Moss Lipow’s vision for his book “Eyewear: A Visual History” (TASCHEN) to be tested, it would be 20/20, so acute is his understanding of the history of spectacles and sunglasses…it is (Eyewear) that has been consuming (Lipow’s) working days and nights, painstakingly tracing the evolution of how we’ve aided our sight since the seventeenth century, or found ever more stylish ways to shield our eyes from the sun than simply raising our hands, with many incredible and cool examples from the early 1900s onward. Along the way (Lipow) manages to turn a history of a design form into a compelling narrative with cultural and social import, with plenty of brilliant and eye-catching images.”— Vogue, New York, United States

Eyewear by Moss Lipow

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